Accepting Defeat

by Stateless

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released May 10, 2015

huge thank you to Olav Tabatabai, Frick Dau and Jordan Dau for all working so hard on recording/mixing/mastering



all rights reserved


Stateless Fresno, California

Steven - vox

Frick - bass

Alex - drums

Nikk - guitar

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Track Name: Intro
please don't forget my face

don't forget me, when I'm gone

I just hope I leave behind some kind of legacy (some kind of legacy)
Track Name: Hollow Vows
Do you remember that summer day in June?

You looked so, looked so beautiful

never forget that day I first laid my eyes on you

How could we have been so naive?

To think we'd never change

to think we'd stay the same

never change.............stay the same!

empty words and broken promises (are all that we have left)

to have and to hold (x2)

for better or worse

sickness and health

till death do us part
Track Name: Searching
When I'm gone, don't come looking for me

I don't want to be found (leave me......leave me alone)

This life of mine, I'm leaving it all behind

all of my mistakes and my failures

my body is weary, can't run anymore

never meant to let you down but it seems like failure is all I know

slowly..........fading away

by the time that you realize it will be too late (too late)


I will be forgotten
Track Name: Accepting Defeat
tearing me, tearing me apart

reduce me, reduce me to nothing

because in the end I'm nothing

this pain is too much to take

I'm bending, bending about to break

I did'nt ask, did'nt ask for any of this

did'nt ask for any of this

everything is falling apart, look at what you've done to me

everything has fallen apart, maybe it's too late for me

giving in

accepting defeat